Starting a new job two years ago [1], preparing and submitting an application for building permit was one of my first tasks. It took a while to polish the details and sign contractors – after a year of preperations, we were good to go. Quite enthusiastic, I emerged myself in regular site visits – coordinating subcontractors, material logistic and ensuring general progress. And I think I grew few grey hairs this past year. Nevertheless, I am glad to say, I have just finished my first housing project!

The design is not ground breaking, the general layout was already drafted before I started. What is more, we were building based on existing zoning plan and there were lot of other restrictions, e.g. the facade colour determined by the department of preservation of historical monumetns – despite the fact, it is a new building. Welcome to Germany.

It is quite fascinating to look back and see how I put few abstract plans into real shape and watched to grow a real house in front of me. I guess, I did learn something and I would have done so many thigns differently now. Nevertheless, it turned out quite OK and the first tenants were so happy! And that is only thing what counts in the end.


  • Max-Planck-Straße 13, Potsdam
  • 6 apartments with net dwelling area of ca. 94 sqm
  • construciton period from 03/2017 to 01/2018 (11 months)
  • massive construction with prefabricated concrete slabs
  • I have no fancy visualisations as I have spent more hours on site than in office 🙂



GALLERY – in progress

will upload some nice pics from site soon.


GALLERY – finished product



[1] read more here