This summer, I have decided I want a tent. We have a one family tent which we have been using for several years now. However, I felt like I would like to have my own and a smaller one. I have been looking for a good catch – it was supposed to be of high quality and low price, what a rare combination. So I started my search and I have quickly came across the Micra II tent by Salewa.

Looking at its parameters, 120 x 212 x 102cm, I have been sceptical how two persons would fit in. My brother assured me, it is not as small as I might think it is so I went for it – the price was very reasonable. However, when we erected it for the first time I have started to regret my decision. I was used to have large space when camping, think like two persons are sleeping in 3-4 person tent. So, after the bumpy start, with each night I have slept in – the Micra started to appear more spacious than the night before. In the end, I would say it is a big enough to accomodate two grow-ups (if you store your backpacks in the ‘entrance hall’). And if you are travelling solo, this is a perfect match for you. It is super light, I would not complain carring it around for the whole day – it is only about 2,4kg (if it is wet, it can go sligthly above 3kg).

The two-layers structure is very easy to erect. I appreciated the clips of the first layer – so easy and fast. However, they are a bit stiff – so unclipping them on cold morning with frozen hands was painful! The rest of the construction is quite simple and I really loved the buckles of the coating layer which can be adjusted. It is very easy to stretch and tighten it – so it does not flutter in the wind. Two persons can without any stress get it up into 3-4min.

The only thing I did not love about this tent was its colour. I have found out that previous model was acctually olive green. For camping in the nature, I would rather prefer that shade instead of cactus green of my version. Nevertheless, it is allright – you can see for yourself in the picture.  The water-resistancy of the material has so far did goog, we will see how it will do in a long term. Otherwise, the two layers had provided us with with 3-4°C more degrees compared to outer temperature. I am not sure. I will also be excited about it during hot summer nights. The big plus was the fact, that the double-crossed framework is very stable and it prevents any touching between those two layers. I am very expanding person and I lean against the inner coat very often, so I was glad it did not get wet from the condensate gathered on the inside of the second coat.

All in all, I am very happy with my choice and cannot wait to take it for another spin.