It has been snowing! It is officially winter time in my calendar. So, I have skipped the long run I had planed for today and went for a walk instead to celebrate this special moment. I felt like twelve-year-old again, catching snowflakes and imprinting my footsteps in various patterns into the fresh white layer. What is more, I will probably have stiff neck tomorrow because I have been constantly looking up. You know, when you look straight forward – the flakes seem to fall so fast but when you look upwards, they are slowly making their way down. It is magical. Everything seems to be in a time loop, slowed down. I especially enjoy when it is about the 0°C and the flakes are huge. And if you try to catch them, they melt on your hot skin immediately – like they were never there. Nevertheless, today I was satisfied even with the smaller versions. There were so many softies, peacefully floating in the air, and from time to time, I have even eaten some of them. They are so delicious – it is almost like eating icecream. Bon appetite!