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Sunday ride

I have been avioding my bike for too long, so I have decided to take it for a ride this Sunday. It has been another sunny day, yet little windy. I have packed proper jacket, gloves, and some snack into by bag as I knew it will be one of the longer trips. I have been aiming to climb on a saddleback called Certovica.  …




Hiking in High Tatras

The end of running season is appoaching and this weekend, we have attended the last race on the scedule. To clarify the situation, I have not gathered enough courage to acctually sign up for one yet, so I usually accompany my dad or/and my brother and I do the second most important job there is to do. I cheer the racer up – I am very passionate and loud 🙂 .

Nevertheless, it was a sort of local race in High Tatras, in Bobrovec. The organisation was maybe lacking the professional level, yet it was a great race for amateurs. All in all, about 200 runners and the best part was the large number of kids among them! You may think, it is not a big race. However, taking under consideration there are only about 5 million people in Slovakia, and it has been taking place at the countryside – I was impressed by this number. I for sure did not expect so many people to show up. The race was very fast – the track was only about 4k long with 500m altitude gain. Participating only as moral support, I have had time to enjoy the incredible views and nice weather as you can see in the gallery below. The change of scenery was very nice, especially the foggy Liptov in the morning. Afterwards, we prolonged the event by going on a quick hike even higher.





Autumn in my hometown

Finally, a nice sunny day! So I could not stay at home and I went for a walk instead. I have to admit, I watned to go for a nice run originally. However, my HR have been rollercoasting after few steps so I had to slow down and just walk. One would expect after sleeping and eating properly and with 0 hours of recovery on your watch, I will be flying around. No, I have not. On the contrary, I have been out of breath and felt so lazy. My legs were heavy and I could not pick up the pace. So, my good shape has disapeared for good.  Despite all those facts,  I have been enjoying myself and the sunshine as well. After two weeks of rain, I was very happy I could feel the warmth of soft sunbeams on my face. I have also took few pictures on my way for you.

GPX-file (link)


Long ride: Cottbus – Brezno

In the second half of September (18th – 29th Sept. 2015 to be more precise), I have moved out of Cottbus for good. To make this last moving more special, I have suggested to make it on bicycle and my dad jumped on board immediatelly. Yes, it is not exactly a short trip, it has been around 920km. Yet, it was very rewarding and I would do it all over again. It is important for you to know, I have been enjoying cycling regularly and this was not my first longer trip. It all started when I was a child and dad would take us on such expeditions. Back then, I guess I was still in kindergarden and as I was the younger child, I have been privilaged to sit in child seat on the dad´s bicycle and my brother had to pedal upwards. But then, we would switch places for the downhill part! Later on, when I grew up a little, I was stripped down of this special treatment and had to ride my own bike. Nevertheless, I have been enjoying these trips ever since.

I have been fully aware of the challenge I wanted to undergo, so I have started with preperations two months in advance. I had to improve my fitness condition in order to be able to manage getting home in those two weeks. I would highly recommend it to anyone, who wants to do something similiar – unless you are a Pro :-). I also bought a new tent (Micra II by Salewa, for a personal review, please visit “My Gear”), as we planned on camping and I have packed my proper sleeping bag!

Day 0, Friday 18th September 2015

Cottbus, DE – Felixsee (35km)

To cope with complicated logistics of transporting bicycle by bus or tain, dad has decided to start the trip few days earlier and take a train from home to the west-northern part of Czech Republic, close to German borderline and bike to Cottbus. Then, we were supposed to meet for an official start of the trip around noon in front of university library in Cottbus. be continued.

Day 1, Saturday 19th September 2015

Felixsee – Bautzen (91,7km)

Day 2, Sunday 20th September 2015

Bautzen, DE – Marenice, CZ (68,7km)

Day 3, Monday 21st September 2015

Marenice – Vysoka nad Jizerou (69,7km)

Day 4, Tuesday 22nd September 2015

Vysoka nad Jizerou – Adrspach (74,1km)

Day 5, Sunday 20th September 2015

Adrspach – Destne (72,4km)

Day 6, Sunday 20th September 2015

Destne – Kopriva (78,3km)

Day 7, Sunday 20th September 2015

Kopriva – Nove Techanovice (92,3km)

Day 8, Sunday 20th September 2015

Nove Techanovice – Studenka (51,6km)

Day 9, Sunday 20th September 2015

Studenka, CZ – Staskov, SK (80,1km)

Day 10, Sunday 20th September 2015

Staskov – Podbiel (100,7km)

Day 11, Sunday 20th September 2015

Podbiel –  Brezno, SK (101,7km)


link: GPX-files

link: KMZ-file (can be opened only in Google Earth)


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