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Autumn in my hometown

Finally, a nice sunny day! So I could not stay at home and I went for a walk instead. I have to admit, I watned to go for a nice run originally. However, my HR have been rollercoasting after few steps so I had to slow down and just walk. One would expect after sleeping and eating properly and with 0 hours of recovery on your watch, I will be flying around. No, I have not. On the contrary, I have been out of breath and felt so lazy. My legs were heavy and I could not pick up the pace. So, my good shape has disapeared for good.  Despite all those facts,  I have been enjoying myself and the sunshine as well. After two weeks of rain, I was very happy I could feel the warmth of soft sunbeams on my face. I have also took few pictures on my way for you.

GPX-file (link)


Trip to the waterfalls

I have recently returned from Germany, this time I used bus for my trip to make it a bit faster. Nevertheless, I have been quite exhausted from the whole week – I had to submit some paperwork and had plenty other things to manage as well, so there was no time for sport. I know, the first thing which comes to mind is, there is always time, you just have to be better organised. Well, I am obviously not. So after what was a week of short nights and long days, I was not too enthusiastic about hard training. Therefore, we have packed camera and went exploring. I like this kind of trips as you can catch a breath when taking pictures on your way. Plus, I get excited when some of them turn out nicely!

The weather in Slovakia has been quite english lately – a lot of rain. So everything is soaken wet and muddy but I do not mind as I have recently got new waterproof shoes (Salomon 3D GTX). Logically, I had to put them into test :). All in all, we have decided to check out the waterfalls [1] nearby. We have not expected anything spectacular but it would be something new. You can follow our walk through GPX-file attached below. We have followed a marked path (in green colour) – walked mostly on a plastered road and then it took turn into woods. And even it was not raining, the water from leaves was constantly dropping down on us. To get to the waterfalls, you have to take a turn from the road on a smaller path. As soon as we got to the brook, the path has got lost and we had to find out the way by ourselves. This was a fun part, it was like we have been on a climbing frame for grown ups! As I was not so well-coordinated, I have slipped few time into the water. Neveretheless, I had my new shoes on, so I have escaped with dry feet. Yeah.

Just above the waterfalls, it will take you by surprise in this wildness, there is a tunnel [2]. It has been expanded into its current dimension in 1976, about 4m width and 40m length. It is surprising how well preserved this structure in reinforced concrete is – it has sustained almost 40 years and still no signs of dilapidation. This does not happen so often here.

All in all, I have enjoyed this little expedition. You can see some pictures I have taken on my way in the gallery below, I hope you will like them.


[1] Predajnianske vodopády. Slovakia. 48.778640 N, 19.483118 E.

[2] Čelniansky tunel. Slovakia.  48.777899 N, 19.486343 E.


GPX-file (link)




Running in Albano mountains

Participating in architectural surveys in Villa Domitian in Castel Gandolfo, I have had chance to spend a fair share of time running around there. We have been staying in Miralago Hotel [1]. The food there was amazing and so were the trails around as well. Working as surveyor is a challenging job – you have to be on your feet all day long, and in some cases you have to walk around a lot as well. I particularly enjoy the long walks/expeditions. I felt like a child again, searching for ancient remains – just like we used to look for hidden treasure. And the joy of each finding was the same as it was back then. If you switch on this Columbus-mode once, I find it impossible to switch it off again. So, I have kept my eyes open on all runs and it made my adventures more exciting.

The Albano mountains are a vulcanic mountain range, composed out of four/five large craters of which two are filled with water – Albano Lake and Nemi Lake. This area has been very popular as a recreational spot for Romans since ancient times when the emperors and senators used to build here their villas (like the one we have been working on). There are several paths, see the plan attached below, to go for a run or ride but be prepare, the marking system is poor – especially comparing it to the one in central Europe.  I will attach to each route a GPX-file.

plan of paths

Plan of paths in the Albano Mountains – plan found on the information panel.

I will pick the most interesting runs for you and attach some pictures to them as a little motivation of what to expect on your way. However, I find it very limiting to try and squeeze two months of experience into one post, so I hope to do my best.


I believe this is a must. It is the easiest one so even with people of lower fitness level will have no problem managing it. I have been running this one in several variations, you can simply go once around the lake or park your car on the edge of caldera, e.g. in Castel Gandolgo or at Trattoria Le Fratte Ignoranti [2]. However, the vertical connection between lake and caldera edge is due to steep hills very rare. You can chose from two roads with traffic and one trail. There should be a second trail as well, yet I have lost it in woods and had to find my own way. I would not recommend to do so in all parts! You can easily find yourself standing of high crag.

The trail around lake runs halfway in woods, yet you would find several spots where you can enjoy the view over lake and Castel Gandolfo. It is quite popular with bikers as well. What is more, this spring they have been secured the flying rocks from the steep hills around the whole crater, so it should be safe. Unfortunatelly, a part of the route follows the street and the promenade along the coastline, so you would find yourself running on hard surface.

GPX-file (link)

2nd – AQUADUCTS and water (5-10km)

If you are passioante about antique ruins, you should definitely check this one out. The best starting point is the Trattoria Le Fratte Ignoranti. I would highly recommend this place as a great starting point for several routes, there are some parking lots (free of charge) and you can get a nice lunch afterwards as well. The pizza is so delicious! 🙂 be continued.

GPX-file (link)

3rd – MONTE CAVO (5-20km)

If you like great view, make sure you do not miss this one. Monte Cavo is the second largest hill in Albano mountains. I have made it up there several times, mostly for the sunset. You can run up there along the Via Sacra or you can bike on them modern road (cars are also not banned but I will not support this option 🙂 ).

GPX-file (link)


After discovering pathes around Albano Lake in September 2014, I was very excited to get to Nemi lake in spring 2015. I have to say, I was fitter and more enthusiastic about exploring on foot then. Nevertheless, if you will be longing for a nice stroll or run around the lake, you will be disappointed. Unfortunatelly, there is no path along the coastline. You can take a path descending from Nemi – either the steep one or along the modern road. They both lead to the Museum (Museo navi romane – exhibiting an acient boat which was found in Nemi lake and some more) but thats it. There is no beach and I was having hard time getting to the water in general, so no swimming either. The northern part of crater is blocked by agricultural activity and the few settlements. To be honest, I only liked this lake from caldera edge.

no separate GPX-file

5th ALL IN ONE (30+ km)


GPX-file (link)

[1] Hotel Miralago, Albano Laziale, Rome:

[2] Trattoria Le Fratte Ignoranti:

41.734046 N, 12.666277 E


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