I have recently returned from Germany, this time I used bus for my trip to make it a bit faster. Nevertheless, I have been quite exhausted from the whole week – I had to submit some paperwork and had plenty other things to manage as well, so there was no time for sport. I know, the first thing which comes to mind is, there is always time, you just have to be better organised. Well, I am obviously not. So after what was a week of short nights and long days, I was not too enthusiastic about hard training. Therefore, we have packed camera and went exploring. I like this kind of trips as you can catch a breath when taking pictures on your way. Plus, I get excited when some of them turn out nicely!

The weather in Slovakia has been quite english lately – a lot of rain. So everything is soaken wet and muddy but I do not mind as I have recently got new waterproof shoes (Salomon 3D GTX). Logically, I had to put them into test :). All in all, we have decided to check out the waterfalls [1] nearby. We have not expected anything spectacular but it would be something new. You can follow our walk through GPX-file attached below. We have followed a marked path (in green colour) – walked mostly on a plastered road and then it took turn into woods. And even it was not raining, the water from leaves was constantly dropping down on us. To get to the waterfalls, you have to take a turn from the road on a smaller path. As soon as we got to the brook, the path has got lost and we had to find out the way by ourselves. This was a fun part, it was like we have been on a climbing frame for grown ups! As I was not so well-coordinated, I have slipped few time into the water. Neveretheless, I had my new shoes on, so I have escaped with dry feet. Yeah.

Just above the waterfalls, it will take you by surprise in this wildness, there is a tunnel [2]. It has been expanded into its current dimension in 1976, about 4m width and 40m length. It is surprising how well preserved this structure in reinforced concrete is – it has sustained almost 40 years and still no signs of dilapidation. This does not happen so often here.

All in all, I have enjoyed this little expedition. You can see some pictures I have taken on my way in the gallery below, I hope you will like them.


[1] Predajnianske vodopády. Slovakia. 48.778640 N, 19.483118 E.

[2] Čelniansky tunel. Slovakia.  48.777899 N, 19.486343 E.


GPX-file (link)