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Silent dancing and power of a great song

Yesterday, I have been on my almost-daily walk listening to my new favourite song. It is called Bright White by Kishi Bashi – you can listen to it at Youtube. Do not judge it by its name until you have listened to it – would recommend starting right now.

I have to go on record, I cannot sing, I am not able to read notes, I do not play any instrument, and I only took dancing lessons for recreational purpose. However, I like to sing aloud when I am alone. Otherwise, I stick to the lip-singing because I am aware of the horrible sound coming out of mouth when I attempt to sing. The same goes for my dancing skills, I enjoy it mostly by myself when tidying up or in overcrowded places. Nevertheless, Bright White is very impulsive. It makes me run faster and jump over bushes… Unfortunatelly, I have been recently fighting a flu or some kind of cold, so I had to stick to walking-only yesterday. Then the song came up and I had dificulties stay still so I looked around, the air was clear, and I started dancing and singing aloud. It has been a great 4:15 minutes. I would highly recommend a similar therapy if you are feeling down or exhausted. It is a great boost.


Shorter days

With the end of dalight saving time on Sunday night, the days seem to be so much shorter (the sun sets down at 4pm already and in few weeks, it will be much darker around that time!). I would not be upset about it normally but it makes a huge difference to all runners out there. If you want to return home before sunset, or at least before it gets really dark, you have to leave around 3 o’clock. I cannot imagine how the working people manage it. I still have one more winter as a student and I am incredibly thankful that I can organise my scedule as it pleases me. What a luxury when you can head out during a free period. You can always work when it is dark outside but how can you go for a safe run when the sun sets down so early? I honestly cannot imagine running with head lamp and limiting myself on city runs does not seem as a great solution. Anyway, I will have to figure it out before next winter. Till then, I can still enjoy the independance offered by college. From next week on, I will just make myself nice long lunch pauses and return to my desk later.





Magic of Fall

Autumn in my hometown

Finally, a nice sunny day! So I could not stay at home and I went for a walk instead. I have to admit, I watned to go for a nice run originally. However, my HR have been rollercoasting after few steps so I had to slow down and just walk. One would expect after sleeping and eating properly and with 0 hours of recovery on your watch, I will be flying around. No, I have not. On the contrary, I have been out of breath and felt so lazy. My legs were heavy and I could not pick up the pace. So, my good shape has disapeared for good.  Despite all those facts,  I have been enjoying myself and the sunshine as well. After two weeks of rain, I was very happy I could feel the warmth of soft sunbeams on my face. I have also took few pictures on my way for you.

GPX-file (link)


Trip to the waterfalls

I have recently returned from Germany, this time I used bus for my trip to make it a bit faster. Nevertheless, I have been quite exhausted from the whole week – I had to submit some paperwork and had plenty other things to manage as well, so there was no time for sport. I know, the first thing which comes to mind is, there is always time, you just have to be better organised. Well, I am obviously not. So after what was a week of short nights and long days, I was not too enthusiastic about hard training. Therefore, we have packed camera and went exploring. I like this kind of trips as you can catch a breath when taking pictures on your way. Plus, I get excited when some of them turn out nicely!

The weather in Slovakia has been quite english lately – a lot of rain. So everything is soaken wet and muddy but I do not mind as I have recently got new waterproof shoes (Salomon 3D GTX). Logically, I had to put them into test :). All in all, we have decided to check out the waterfalls [1] nearby. We have not expected anything spectacular but it would be something new. You can follow our walk through GPX-file attached below. We have followed a marked path (in green colour) – walked mostly on a plastered road and then it took turn into woods. And even it was not raining, the water from leaves was constantly dropping down on us. To get to the waterfalls, you have to take a turn from the road on a smaller path. As soon as we got to the brook, the path has got lost and we had to find out the way by ourselves. This was a fun part, it was like we have been on a climbing frame for grown ups! As I was not so well-coordinated, I have slipped few time into the water. Neveretheless, I had my new shoes on, so I have escaped with dry feet. Yeah.

Just above the waterfalls, it will take you by surprise in this wildness, there is a tunnel [2]. It has been expanded into its current dimension in 1976, about 4m width and 40m length. It is surprising how well preserved this structure in reinforced concrete is – it has sustained almost 40 years and still no signs of dilapidation. This does not happen so often here.

All in all, I have enjoyed this little expedition. You can see some pictures I have taken on my way in the gallery below, I hope you will like them.


[1] Predajnianske vodopády. Slovakia. 48.778640 N, 19.483118 E.

[2] Čelniansky tunel. Slovakia.  48.777899 N, 19.486343 E.


GPX-file (link)




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