With the end of dalight saving time on Sunday night, the days seem to be so much shorter (the sun sets down at 4pm already and in few weeks, it will be much darker around that time!). I would not be upset about it normally but it makes a huge difference to all runners out there. If you want to return home before sunset, or at least before it gets really dark, you have to leave around 3 o’clock. I cannot imagine how the working people manage it. I still have one more winter as a student and I am incredibly thankful that I can organise my scedule as it pleases me. What a luxury when you can head out during a free period. You can always work when it is dark outside but how can you go for a safe run when the sun sets down so early? I honestly cannot imagine running with head lamp and limiting myself on city runs does not seem as a great solution. Anyway, I will have to figure it out before next winter. Till then, I can still enjoy the independance offered by college. From next week on, I will just make myself nice long lunch pauses and return to my desk later.