I have a great collection of high-heel shoes, boots, and other imaginable footwear which match with various outfits in my wardrobe. I usually do not spend large amount of money buying them as I am glad to throw them away after few seasons and buy new one. I am female, afterall. However, there are only three pair of shoes which I chose very careully – sport sandals/confy sporty flip-flops, light running shoes, and my hiking shoes/the go-shoes. These kind of shoes have to be very comfortable and I always wear them when I want to treat my feet. on the other hand, if I feel like treating myself, I go with fashionable shoes. Despite the fact that I am 1,78m tall, I do not mind wearing 10cm extra. Nevertheless, if I have to get to places quickly and it includes walking longer distances, I would pick one from those four.

So, with approaching winter, I needed to buy a new warm and waterproof shoes. I have been wearing various city models from Salomon for past 8 years, I guess. I have been very satisfied with them, I have never got shoe bites from them! This time, I went for a more sporty model as I intend to wear them on my winter runs as well. Plus, it was important that their sole would be resistant against hard surfaces (e.g. pavement) and it would not wear down quickly.  Therefore, I have recently purchased Salomon XAPro 3D (the model with goretex).

I have been trying on ladies models in store but they would sit so strangely. I did not feel comfortable at all and I would never be willing to pay so much for schoes which do not fit. As I liked the quality of those shoes, I tried on a men´s model. My feet were very happy, so I ended up buying them. The salesman helping me out looked at me sceptically when I asked him to wrap them up but my feet are obiously not female (despite the red nail polish on my toes!). I originally wanted to buy a red version of shoes – it was a very nice deep red, however, only a black once were available at that store. What is more, black is very neutral and and quite practical for weraing them with my jeans when going to town.

The shoe feels very comfortable, no shoe bites so far and it has been almost a month I have been wearing them intensively as you can see how dirty they are! They are a bit stiff when I run, of course, they are no speedcross runing shoes! On other hand, they stick to the surface very well. The GoreTex membrane keeps you feet dry – even after jumping into a brook or puddle. I am very happy with my choice and would definitely buy them again.