Today I woke up into a cold, yet very sunny morning. I have been quite lazy the day before so I have decided to start the day in a big way. I went for a run. If  you have read my previous posts, you would notice I usually go the same round – I have been trying to mix up pictures from different spots so you would not notice and I am not sure I did well 🙂 . Nevertheless, I was in a need of something new, so I have went ‘exploing’. Growing up in an apartment located in housing estate, we did not have a garden to play in. However, our playground was quite extensive – surrounding fields, meadows, and woods. One of our favourites was a meadow – we used to call it ‘yellow meadow’, I guess it was because we have discovered it in autumn and the long grass was already dry and yellow. I have not visited it for a long time, so I wanted to check up on that place and see for myself how it changed over the time.

Despite the latest sunny weather some roads are still muddy but this morning the most of them were still frozen. It was a nice change to run just on the surface. Everything was cold and sugarcoated with the ice. I have stopped to take few pictures, you can see for yourself in the  gallery attached below. Eventually, this frosty beauty started to melt and disappeared. When I got to the yellow meadow, I have become little nostalgic and lied down for a moment. The half of it was already turned into a forest but the other half was still yellow. The long dry grass was soft and warm despite the sharp cold air. It was a strange experience. Returning to familiar places from different times. I have been struggling with this lately a lot. It is like characters in your dreams  – they have faces of your friends, yet they suddenly speak different language, and show up on places where they do not belong. It is a mixed feeling, very confusing. I haven not decided yet whether it is a good or a bad one.