I did not used to be a big fan of smartphones. I was using a cell phone with monochromatic display. It was a new model by Nokia – they still produce even the simple once. [1] I could go weeks without charging it and it would survive everything, very easy to handle in gloves as well. Then I have got a S3 as present for my B-day. Unfortunatelly, it was stolen last year and by that time I knew I was already addicted to smarphone and would have to buy a new one asap. This time [August 2014], I have got to chose the model by myself and I had to pay for it as well. There were three brand options for me – iPhone, Nexus, or Samsung. I had a clear vision, what I expect of the device. I can be negligent about my stuff sometimes, so I needed someting resistant. Then, I have came across the S4 outdoor version by Samsung [2]. It is basically a S4 but water- and dustproof. You can take even pictures under water. The 5 zoll display can be control even in gloves or in rain. There are even higher models [S5 asnd S6]. In my opinion, they look very robust while S4 looks cute and is ressilient. Truth to be told, they are not so easy to buy and of course are more expensive. I have waited two months for mine to arrive and was very tempted to stick with the regular version.

Nevertheless, I do not regret buying it. Even after one year use, the case is still waterproof and I have barely any scratch on it as well. It has fallen down several times, survived shooting in lake, sandy beaches are not a problem either. If you are as clumsy as I am, you should definitely consider purchasing one! The functions are basically the same, yet the camera is weaker, at least in S4 series. I have been disappointed by it because I was able to take better pictures with my old S3 but in general, it works fine. The most pictures I have presented to you on this site were taken with that poor camera and I do not think they are lacking any extra pixels. All in all, I am very happy with my choice.


[1] Nokia 1200 in black. Check out the picture here.

[2] Samsung S4 outdoor. Link at Amazon.de