Despite the fact that I have the luxury of going for a run at any time of a day, I usually end up fighting the dusk. Today, I have returned home in a thick darkness and what is more, it has not been one of the bright starry nights either. Fortunatelly, I have managed to stay out of muddy pitfalls and did not injure myself. I am fully aware, how dangerous are adventures like this one, especially if you run without any light. I am not even going to start on how scared I was, alone in the dark woods. So, I will try avoid any similiar situations in the future for sure.

On the other hand, there was a one nice outcome of the whole irresponsible act of mine. I think, evenings are the most extraordinary time to be walking around town. I am guessing, the most people hate the housing estates built during the socialist era. They are not very appealing in a daylight but they are magical at the dark! You need to take a step back from the block to be able to see the whole canvas. It is very impressive, how those plain facades come to life in various tones – there is everything from blue to yellow or bright white. What is more, the random composition of these lights is constantly changing. It has a certain charm, at least to me.