I have been running this page for almost two months now and I think it is time to get to some delicious posts as well. If there is anything I enjoy more than running and architecture, it would be food. First thing to say, I am not vegetarian, neither am I vegan. However, I barely cook meat – I occasionally would prepare chicken but as my friends in Egypt would put it, that does not count into ‘meat’ 🙂 !

I have never been eating much pasta or pizza as child either. I have been in 5th or 6th grade – I guess, when I have tasted the pizza for a first time and I still remember it! You should not feel sorry for me because slovak kitchen is very rich and very unique, plus my mom is the best cook ever (sorry grandma). We used to have plenty of pot-food as my brother calls it, e.g. cabbage pot. Although, I have always been more keen on the sweet dishes. My favourite would be rice soufflĂ© with cherries. Unfortunatelly, any attempts to recreate it on my own have failed so far..

When I started college five years ago, I have been forced to learn how to cook as the food in our cafeteria is not vey delicious. On their behalf, some of my friends would eat there and not say a single bad word about their food, so I guess it is personal. Nevertheless, I could not survive five years on pancakes – even though, I have tried at least for the first semester. So you could say, I have took up cooking out of misery. Yet, I have discovered that it is very popular among architecture students and I have grown fond of it as well very soon. Cooking a dinner with my dearest friends would be my ideal evening. What is more, I have never been on a date in a restaurant – the guys would usually cook for me – three or four courses for a dinner, phew! If you are ladies interested in a man who cooks, just date an architect. They are very foody! They usually read recepies as a sort of input (what is possible) instead of getting instructions, so the flavours are quite unique and your chances of recreating them are rather low. All in all, it never gets boring in architect’s kitchen :).