I rarely plan what to cook. I sometimes find an inspirational picture on pinterest and recreate my own version of it. On other days, when my fridge is empty, I walk into a store and passing by shelves, my cart begins to fill and walking out of store, I have a precise vision in my head what is going to happen next. So it happend last week, and here goes the result.


  • 1 aubergine (eggplant)
  • 1 leek
  • some pure peanuts (not salted, preferably those in shell)
  • few dried tomatos in oil
  • 1 – 2 mozzarella(s)
  • olive oil (or you can use the oil from the tomatoes if its tasty)
  • fresh cherry tomatoes
  • salt, black (or white) peper

If you do not find aubergine in your fridge, you can replace it with broccoli as well. Also, the fresh tomatoes can be replaced with carrots – or if you like, you can put as tomatoes as carrots in. Your choice.

RECIPE (20-30min)

I would start with peeling off the peanuts and crushing (breaking) them into smaler bits but do not make a powder out of it! It is also not advisable to try to chop them – they tend to fly across the whole kitchen. Very messy. As next, chop the leek into slices 1-2mm thick (it does not have to be so precise, just so you get an idea) and crumble few of them up into pan. I do not like onion because I usually cry when chopping it so I preffer to use leek instead. However, ir you are an onion-lover, go ahead. Also, cut the dried tomatoes in oil into smaller bits, throw into pan and pour oil in as well. Then start the fire – I usually cook on gas cooker, so do not be shocked by the expression. 🙂

Then, you can chop the aubergine (eggplant) into stripes or brocolli (if you are doing the other version). You want to recognise these pieces later, so do not make them to small, otherwise they shrink and cook into paste. If you are going for carrots instead of tomatoes, they should get into pan along with the aubergine/brocolli. Then let it cook for a while – let the veggies burn a bit, do not cook them on water or in steam. Finally, add some salt, pepper, and the brave ones can go with garlic as well. If you want more complex taste, add paesto rosso instead of oil at the beginning.

To finish it off, chop the cherry tomatoes into circles (or just into a half – depend on the size of your cherry tomatoes) and add mozzarella cut into smaller cubes. It is important not to cook it after you add mozzarella – cooled off melted mozzarella is like a chewing gum, so do not overheat it by cooking.

You can eat it with rice or cook some pasta (maybe?). I would recommend overbaked bread with olive oil and some salt. You do not need an oven for it – just throw it onto a pan!  Whatever works for you.

Bon appetite.