It is funny, the last finished project was acctually No. 13 [1]. Now, to keep things organised, I am moving up to Project No. 14 – the best German clishe of all times 🙂

I have always liked reconstruction projects better than doing new designs. As I am not crazy creative, I like to have a starting point when drafting an approach. It is easier to find it, if you do not “cook only from water” [2] So, having to work with an old core is always a fun for me. What is more, you have during the transformation process the great dynamic of old/new.

First step, building survey – it is kind of spooky, yet so much fun for me. I loved spending semester breaks with head in ancient buildings (I should make a post on this!). Measuring and drawing, measuring again, and again. Trying to sneak in some quiet time and produce plausible plans can be hard, especially if you have to supervise two other active sites. Nevertheless, at some point I have finished and moved on to the second part – negotiating with building authorities what could be aproved. Recently, the building permit has been released and we are preparing the implementation these days.

— next update in few weeks —


  • Luckenberger StraĂźe 14, Brandenburg an der Havel
  • 14 apartments with net dwelling area 34 – 110 sqm
  • construction start aprx. in 05/ 2018
  • old masonary, Ziegeleinhängedecke (modern brick “hanging” ceiling)


GALLERY – site in progress


GALLERY – finished project



[1] link here

[2] to cook only from water – it is a weird slovak expression translated literaly. Imagine, you are trying to cook a soup, yet the only ingredient you have is just water. You can only wonder, how tasty it will get in the end 🙂