I have been in love with the chocolate muesli from Emco [1] for quite some time. I like muesli in general but I like it better when it has a more complex taste and mixing some dried cranberies into oatmeal just doesnt work for me. Unfortunatelly, Emco does not export to Germany, or at least I have not find their products here yet, so I had to import them on my own. You can imagine, travelling home twice a year, you have plenty other stuff you want to put into your suitcase. So after prioritising my list, I would end up with one, sometimes two 750g package(s) for several months. Nevertheless, those dark days are over now! I have recently mastered a recipe for my own homemade chocolate granola.


  • 500g oat flakes
  • 200g sultana (dried grapes)
  • 100g dark chocolate, at least
  • 100g coconut rasper
  • 100g almonds (crunched)
  • 100ml water
  • 50g honey
  • cocoa powder
  • cinnamon
  • black pepper
  • salt

…and if you dont like lists, here comes a picture:

ingredients chocolate granola

It is quite simple. Basically, you need a delicious sauce made of whatever you like. As it is called a chocolate granola, I will go with chocolate flavour, obviously. First you want to boil the water and add the cocoa powder, stir till the clumps dissolve. If you want to go easy on the calories, you can replace chocolate by adding more powder. In the next step, mix in the chopped chocolate. Also, take it off the fire, there is no need to cook it. It will melt eventually – just keep stirring. I admit, I was also sceptical at the begining about this but it works very well – even with 250g chocolate (hold your judgement). The best part, you avoid the danger of burning your chocolate what would be a crime :). As soon as its molten, add the rest of the spices – honey, cinnamon, black pepper and pich of salt. It sounds a bit crazy, especially adding salt. However, it will create a more complex flavour, so go with it. If you have run off the honey, add some brown sugar. Also, I have recently read that black pepper boost up burning fat, so you can be generous with it. [2]

Put the rest of the ingredients – oat flakes, coconut rasper, almontds, suntana, and whatever else you like in your granola, e.g. hazelnuts or cranberies etc., pour over the finished sauce and mix it up all together. Then, scatter the mass on a baking tray lined with backing parchment or alluminium foil. Now, set the oven for 160°C and wait for ca. 45 min. Do not worry about preheating the oven in advance, at least will the the ingredients get a chance to soak in the sauce! When it is finished, just open the oven, leave the tray inside and let it cool off in that dry air. Afterwards, store your the crunchy granola in a glass to prevent the air humidity getting into it before you do.

Have a delicious breakfast!


[1] Emco Mysli na zdravi – link.

[2] The article about black pepper – link.