After finishing the last bite of my chocolate granola, I have to stock up. I have decided to go for a white version this time, something more colourful and lighter. Basically, it is the same as the chocolate version – check out the last post here. However, we will throw in something new.


  • 500g oat flakes
  • 200g dried cranberry
  • 100g coconut rasper
  • 200g white chocolate
  • 100ml water
  • ca. 35ml oil (sunflower)
  • 1package of vanilla sugar
  • cinnamon
  • black pepper
  • salt

One more time in a visual form:

granola recipe white


We will start the same way as last time. First, you want to boil the water and mix in the chopped chocolate and oil. Keep steering, add all spices – cinnamon, black pepper, vanilla sugar, and salt as well. Put the rest of the ingredients into another bowl and mix them together, pour over the prepared sauce. If you think the mass is too dry, try knead it with your hands. It is a weird initial feeling, I agree, but it is very effective and at last fun as well. When you finish playing with the raw granola, spread it on a baking tray and put into oven for 45min at 110-130°C. I have not mentioned it last time but I have split the mass into two halves and baked them seperately to make sure my granola will be crispy at the end. Maybe it would work even all at once, I just do not want to take any chances :-).


For my surprise, the outcome was very different comparing to the last time. Going light on chocolate made the granola more crispy and definitely lighter. What is more, I have been very impressed by how big the cranberries grew in the oven. Yeah, the baking makes such a difference. The granola is much better than some dried fruits mixed into your muesli. I think, I am adicted and I am already looking forward the third version, I might go with something nutty next time!