I have recently stumpled upon a blog [link here] and I really liked the foodie friday posts. What a great idea. It has got me thinking, I am very casual about writing posts – I am missing regularity and if I ever come up with a story, it is very random. I also find it very difficult to compose an article on a topic I have written about before as I am afraid you might get bored by it. However, people obviously do not get bored by certain topics. My articles on (white and dark) chocholate granola is a living proof [link here and here].They were quite similiar to me but I have got a positive feedback on both – I did not expect that to be honest. Foodie articles get never old :). So, I have got inspired and have decided to take a more systematical approach to writing. I will definitely keep you updated on my current favourites – trails, music, recipes and some work stuff as well.

So stay tuned for more, we will start very soon!