The beauty of each New Year to me is looking back and evaluating, maybe making new plans for the coming year. Last year, I hoped to have a better one than 2015 and looking at the charts, I can be proud of myself. I have improved. I might not have been hitting a lot of PRs but I have finally managed to incorporate sport into my mundane Mondays [1].



As I have mentioned before, I was able to train more regularly than last year. I have recorded 165 activities on So you can say, I did something three days a week! If we compare 2015 and 2016 in terms of elapsed time, I have only trained for 86% amount from last year. Yet, it was spread into more units – 165 vs. 136 the year before. So, you can say, I did more shorter units this year, apprx. 40min each day..

The overall distance numbers are looking brighter as well, check out the charts below.



…cycling about 108% of last years distance. [2] It would be about 36.5k and 103min weekly. If I take the fact under consideration that I only bought a new bike in July, I was riding about 70k in 200min weekly during the time, I acctually had a bike. What is more, if I keep up the trend, I will be able to hit 5000k next year!


running …significant improvement in running, about 145% of last years distance! [2] In average it makes 14.4k and 127min weekly. The altitude is even more impressive, 19,920m! It might be not a lot for those guys who acctually live in mountains but I have to travel some distance to get to those parts and only during weekends and holidays. So, I think I did well.


Putting things into a monthly perspective and including all kind of excercise looks more interesting – at least to me.


These graphics clearly show that March and June were the laziest months of the year! March could be explained easily, I was finalising my master thesis and it got my undivided attention. Concearning June, I have no valid excuse. FYI, June 2015 was also very poor – the mystery continues. On the other hand, September was great even this year and what is more, I have been training regularly two days out of three since then.

The average number for time spent training (excluding months June and September from the statistics) would be 19.8 hours in a month. (19.4 hours in 2015). My optimal training plan would imply 35-40 hours, so I have completed only 50% of my plan, just like in 2015. Yet, I have acctually managed to fullfill the plan, even it was only in September and October, a big improvement to the last year (I only managed to do 70-80% during busiest months). Another positive thought is that I have managed to do more kilometers in less hours than last year – hopefully, I am getting faster :-). So, let´s step it up next year!




[1] Yes, I am a big fan of waitbutwhy. If you do not know it yet, make sure to google it 🙂

[2] Graphics were exported from, using StravistiX extention for Chrome. It adds plenty helpful information and it is free.